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Related post: Date: Tue, russian pictures illegal 13 Oct 2009 09:07:31 -0700 (PDT) From: james mason video sex free russian Subject: The Rich Bitch Part 3 (Beginnings/Interracial)Chapter 3: The Birthday NightAdam took a quick shower to clean out his worn out, devirginized, cum filled ass. He washed sex porn russian himself up slowly, his hot russians nude mind filled with guilt as russian erotic videos he thought russian nagant ammo about "the mistake" he made. Adam knew that the ten minute thrill with Kyle would haunt him for the rest of his life."I can't believe I just fucked this up." Adam said to himself. Adam thought about how he vowed celibacy until he met the right one. Corey was the right one for him, he just knew it. What bothered him the most was that he had hinted many times to Corey that he was going to make his birthday a night to remember. Here he was deep cleaning his hole of all the gardner's cum."Why did it have to be the gardner? How low can this get?" Adam said. But then Adam rethought his statement. There was something about Kyle that made him different from everyone else. He thought about the guys at school he flirted with over the years and none of them compared to him, Kyle actually made him feel vulnerable and submissive. Adam was more of the one small russian nude in charge as other past boyfriends had revealed to him. nude russian ladys Adam couldn't believe he was thinking about this guy like this.Kyle sat on his bed watching videos and looking at raunchy photos of his past tricks, Sam, Donnie, Keith, Derek, Martin, Tyrell, and Tyler. All of those boys were virgins desperate for sexual satisfaction and he knew he was the right one to fulfill that dream.Kyle watched russian nude family pics each boy, all of them different but the same in every way, give themselves up for him like a total bitch. There russian nude pic moans were all different but they all begged for the same thing. Someone russian kiddy porn to get them out of there sexy foreign russian chicks comfort zone of being bored rich houseboys and turn them into something there parents would kill themselves if they've found out what they did on the side.After watching his latest slut Derek being bred by him, he russian girls sexy nude couldn't help but to think of Adam. Adam wasn't like Derek but he was just as sexy Adam was, maybe even illegal russiangirl a little russian cum shot bit more. Kyle didn't know why he was so caught up with this boy. After a few hours of contemplating he came up with his synopsis. Adam was the only fat russian chick porn one that had a boyfriend and the fact that he was the first one to steal the boys cherry before his boyfriend did excited him even more.The thought of him breaking up his relationship with Corey and making Adam his new bitch only added a new challenge for him that apprentice russian girl first russian christian church he was willing hot russian daughters to take. Adam grinned at the thought of Corey finding out that his boyfriend wasn't so innocent as he thought.....He finished his shower and dressed in one of hot sexy russian women his favorite outfits for the evening. He put on some cologne that Corey had bought for him, hoping it shielded any hint out Kyle's scent that was still lingering on his skin. When he heard nude russians angels the door russian street girls bell ring he ran to it and was surprised to see Corey standing there with a huge vase full of flowers and two boxes. Corey looked fresh and clean, sexy as a GQ hunk."Corey! What's all this?" Adam said in shock."Happy birthday baby. I hope you like it." Corey said with a warm smile."Like it? Dude are you kidding? This is the nicest thing russian ladies wet anyones ever given to me!" Adam said in excitement.Adam grabbed the vase and said, "I'm gonna put these in my room, I'll be back gay russian matchmaking in a sec."Adam ran to his room and made a place on his nightstand of the flowers. Thats when he realized russian nude y o the scent of Kyle was still lingering in the room. Adam figured the plants would changed the smell of the room by the time they came back from the club.Adam walked back to the living room were Corey was sitting and sat lolta russian nude down next to him. He glanced at the boxes and said, "So when russian moms porn can I open those?""Right now if you want to or after the club... whenever you want to. It your choice." Corey said."I think we should do it at dinner, its much more romantic that way." Adam said."Alright, we should head out the russian best porno foto restaurant before it gets too late." Corey said getting up from the chair.Kyle finished his shower and dressed in a thin black button up shirt with casual pants. It was odd that none of his tricks were available for the evening so he decided to go to the Club and pick up someone.He russian nacked boys gallery usually went to some nearby club and messed around hot russian amature with a few older guys who were submissive, but tonight he really wanted to check out Club 21 where all the high priced, under 25, sluts get raunchy on the dance floor. He was hoping he run into Adam but figured he was getting his reamed out by his boyfriend... literally.Adam followed Corey out to his Midnight Blue H3 Hummer that his parents bought for him on his birthday.They drove to a beautiful restaurant in downtown Hollywood apparently were celebrities of all types hide out.Despite only seeing only a few celebs they russian erotica movies had a wonderful dinner. Adam tried his best to forget all about Kyle, but the vision of his amazing latin body kept entering his mind.They made there way to Club 21 a club they had never went to before russian whores xxx and wanted to try. The dance floor was packed full of guys and Lady Gaga's beats flooded the room. "It was russian naturist gymnast definitely a gay club" Adam said to himself, and there were some sexy studs walking past him.Adam asked Corey to buy him a drink since legally he wasn't old enough. Corey had just turned 21 himself and was ready to try his first drink. They made there way over to the bar and bought there drinks and watched everyone in the club living it up like it was there last day on Earth. It russian porno free pics brought a smile to Adam's face and got russian girls free mpeg him all excited, until....He caught the view of Kyle standing there talking to some guy. Adam stared at Kyle watching free russian family nude him flirting with a guy that looked Adam's non nude russian juniors age. Adam didn't know why but he suddenly felt jealous."What's wrong babe?" Corey asked.Adam snapped out of his jealous stupor and focused on Corey."Oh, nothing.... just getting into all these guys on the floor, you wanna dance?" Adam asked."Yeah alright." Corey said.They got up and Adam pulled russian college girl Corey closer to were Kyle and the boy was talking. They danced together all the while Adam taking quick glances at Kyle. Each time he did Kyle was doing some sexual gesture to the boy. At least Adam thought it was sexual. Licking his lips, pulling the boy closer to him and grinding up on him.Adam felt the jealousy starting to get russian kiddie pics more intense. He had stop feeling this way towards Kyle, he really loved Corey, he contemplated on what to do to turn his fixtation towards Kyle into something busty gallery russian sexy negative and then an idea hit him. He decided to interrupt Kyle's little get together with the kid."Hey Corey, I see somebody I boylover russian know over there... you want to meet him?" Adam said."Alright, what's his name?""Kyle. I met him recently, his a nice guy, come lets go." Adam said.Kyle was so focused trying to get in the boys pants that he didnt even see Adam walking to him. The boy was just about to ask him if wanted to come by his house because his parents were out for the night when Adam said shouting over the music, "Hey Kyle! I didn't know you came to this club!"Kyle looked Adam standing there with a smile on his face with some tall football player looking guy standing behind him. The guy looked like a total douche to Kyle, completely not the type that Adam needed to be with."Hey there kid." Kyle russian outdoors thumbs said. "This is my first time coming here. russian brides xxx Just wanted to see what goes down here. Whose the stud behind you?""This forum russian girl sex is my husband, Corey... Corey this Kyle." Adam said."Husband?" russian gymnasts porno gymnasts Corey asked."Corey... it was a joke... and besides as long as we've been together we might as well be married." Adam said sarcastically.Kyle held out his hand and Corey shook his hand. Even his hand shake amateur russian torrent was weak, Kyle said to himself."Whose your friend?" Adam said directing sexy russian xxx girls his attention the brunette russian martial arts scarborough kid."Ummm, nobody... he russian mpeg porn was just talking to me." Kyle said.The kid's faced turned upside down and he says "Whatever," and walks away.Corey and Adam looked at each other kinda surprised at what they saw."What are two up too tonight?" Kyle said changing the subject off of him."Well it is my birthday, russian small sluts after we leave the club we were going back to my place to hangout for the rest of the night." Adam said."Oh yeah that's right it is your birthday. I almost forgot...." Kyle said lying."Your welcomed to join us if you like to?" Adam said.Corey's head quickly turned to look topless russian brides at Adam, wondering if he was serious about what he just said."Ahh... Oh no... I couldnt do that. This your night together, you two go on and enjoy it." Kyle said, really wanting to go."Are you russian sex flash video sure? It would be nice to have a third party joining us for the night." Adam said."Are you sure, YOU want that Adam?" Corey asked. "I thought you wanted it to be just russian nude video us?""Yeah I'm cool with Kyle hanging with us for a while, are you cool with that Kyle?" Adam asked.Kyle didnt know what was happening at the moment but he was sure he would find out when they got back to his place."Alright, but only if its photo naturism russian cool with you and Corey." Kyle said."Well I want you to come and Corey's fine with it." Adam said.Corey didnt know what to say so he just went with the flow. "Okay whatever you say."They walked back to there russian erotic portal cars and Kyle followed them. All the while, he thought about how much of a pushover Corey was. If a bitch had talked to him like that his ass wouldn't hear the end of it. Kyle knew that Corey wasn't good for Adam because a slut like that needed to be showed who was the boss.Corey wanted to so badly to ask Adam why he really wanted this guy to come over so bad and this was his first kinky russian porn time meeting the guy. Corey knew Adam wanted russian girls fuck to lose his virginity russian erotique photo from all the hints he gave him over the past week or so that's why he was confused.Adam knew exactly what he wanted to do. Keep Kyle over the house as long as he could, and basically make a scene. Adam figured in order to keep Kyle from going any further with what they earlier, he would have to make him feel bad for what he did and through his love for Corey all in his face. Adam was so sure his plan was going to work that he made no second thoughts about it. He knew Corey had bought some really expensive gifts that would put Kyle to shame.When they arrived at Adam's place they all sat down on the couch. Adam turned russian lola angels on the fireplace and turned on the television. This was completely not what he had in mind for his 18th birthday but this was how its gonna be.Adam went in his father's Wine cabinet and pulled out three bottles and brought out some ice and glasses to celebrate with."Alright boys, we are getting drunk and we are gonna underground russian sex sites have fun!" Adam said happily sitting down the champagne on the coffee table."That's what I'm talkin' about!" Kyle litle russian girls said. "You got any beer also?""My parents don't drink beer all we have is the wine." Adam said."Thats fine." Kyle Sexy russian girls said.The whole night they drank the champagne like it was going out of style, bringing more and more bottles of the cabinet. Obviously Adam drunk the most and was getting trashed by the second. Kyle noticed Corey getting drunk also, there speech was noticeably slurring especially Adam. Kyle had only took three sips of his wine and watched Adam and Corey talk about nothing that interested him. This was forum porn russian when things started taking a turn.Corey dropped his empty bottle and laid back on the couch, babbling russian lola sex to himself and Kyle was still drinking more but revealing things to Kyle that he pantyhose russian never would have said. He even told Kyle the daydream he had free russian porn directory about him when first came over.At that point Corey had already passed out on the couch and Kyle was sitting right next to him running his fingers through his hair. Kyle was immediately turned on by Adam's vulnerability and he was ready to take action right now..... in front of Corey.Kyle stood up and sat next to Adam who looked at him kiddy kinder russian with his sleepy sensual eyes and smiled at him."You know.... your the best fuck.... Oopppsss... sexy russian movie Did I jussst sssay that out loud?" Adam said laughing to himself."Yeah russian kindersex you did, but Corey can't hear you." russian porn beauty Kyle said."What I meant to sssay was.... your the bestesst friend I ever had.... Ever... I really mean it dude. The besstttesst fuckin' friend I ever had." Adam said still not realizing the words he said.Kyle looked down to see Adam's hand reaching over to his crotch, even though in Adam's mind it was suppose to be touching his hand. Kyle grabbed Adam's hand and pushed down on his semi hard dick. Adam closed his eyes and moaned."Wow that feelss good." Adam said.Kyle leaned over to his ear and whispered, "Do you want more?"Adam didn't even open his eyes but he responded with a "MmmHmmm.""Good, cause I've been thinking about that tight little ass all day. My dick wants to feel that cunt again." Kyle said in his ear.His tongue reached out and started licking around his ear causing him to moan lightly. Kyle's big thick lips wrapped around Adam's ear lobe and sucked on it. Adam could feel his breaath on him making chills go up and down his spine.After a few minutes of this Adam russian gallerie couldnt take anymore."Mmmm... Kyle fuck me... take me right now." he whined.Kyle's ears perked up hearing the magic words. Kyle looked at Corey who looked dead on the couch and decided to move his body up facing them so just in case he woke up hearing moans he would see everything happening in front of him."I'm so glad you invited me over her Adam." Kyle said russian naked ladies taking down his pants, then taking down Adams. "All I kept thinking about was when the next time I was going to get some more of this." SLAP!Adam jerked up from his sleep feeling the buzz of pain shoot through his ass. "Kyle what was that for?!""Sorry baby but I russian sweet lollita had to do it. This ass is just perfect.... Look how hard I am." Kyle stood up and his dick was hard as a rock after his hand made contact with his ass.Adam stared at his dick and smile drunkly. "Bring it over to me so I can suck it." he said."Alright." Kyle said, then glanced russian porn star agency over to Corey who was sitting up russian vids still sleeping. Adam took hold of his cock and stuck it in his mouth. "MMmmm... so goooooddd... hahahaha!" nasty russian boy pics Adam said flirtatiously."So good?.... This is perfect." Kyle said keeping his eyes on Corey. Adam sucked his dick lightly, and not good enough for Kyle."Suck it harder slut. Put some more spit Hot porn russian on it or I'm gonna stick it up your ass just like this." russian naked women Kyle demanded."I am baby... give it back to me." Adam naked russian women pics whined again.Kyle fed his dick back to Adam and Adam's senses seemed to wake up and concentrate on Kyle.Kyle fucked his mouth trying to cram every russian teacher sex inch of his thick cock down the boys throat. Adam was trying his best to swallow him up but he was just too inexperienced."Come on boy swallow the whole thing. You can take it. I know you can." Kyle said, trying to encourage him.Adam lifted from the couch and angled his head well enough russian girls blowjobs so his dick could slide right down. Adam's throat was finally opening up without too much coughing like he was doing russian sex trade before."That's it Adam... your taking all the big dick... I'm gonna train this mouth real good and make you my cocksucker. Is that russian nudist private sites what you want baby boy? You want me to own this mouth and this tight ass?" Kyle said.All Adam could do was moan to Kyle's questions. His mouth was so full that he couldn't say anything. Kyle grabbed the boys head and fucked his mouth slow and deep russian family naturists just the way he liked serving it up to his tricks. Adam's mouth was extremely wet and tight and felt like cumming in his mouth, but he didnt want to yet.Kyle pulled out of his mouth and got down on his knees. Adam's eyes were still kind of droopy but he watched everything that was happening to him. He saw Kyle taking off the rest of his pants and boxers and then lift Adam's legs. Adam soon felt the lips and tongue of Kyle eating out his ass."Ohhh.... Sssshhhittt." Adam said in his drunken ecstasy filled state. Kyle was happy to finally getting a taste of the boys warm sweet hole again. He grabbed his ass and squeezed russian folk songs tab it together on his tongue making it tighter."MMmmm.... Ohhh.... Kyle.... Your amazing!... My friend always told me you Latin dudes knew how to do it right!" Adam said watching Kyle's eyes."MmmHmmm.... Your friend was right... and this ass is just perfect." Kyle said then quickly diving back on his ass.Adam rubbed his hands through Kyle's hair and forced him to tongue him down deeper.The whole room was filled with loud smacks and suck sounds from the very greedy and horny Kyle and russian secret movies sex light moans and yelps from Adam. Corey was completely unaware any of this was happening a foot away from him."God this is so good!... I want you to do this forever!" Adam said."Can't do it forever... I gotta get in this ass nude russian blonde videos first." Kyle said."Yeah man fuck my ass again." Adam said.Kyle lifted Adams legs and spit on his ass. Then russian chld porno rubbed the head of his dick around Adam's perfect tight hole. Adam spread his ass and Kyle had finally broke through the tight opening after a few tries. Adam's reaction was totally different from the from the first time, since that was less then a six hours ago magic porn pic russian when Kyle took it. The pain was still there but it wasn't as intense, it was like his hole xxx russian home had grown accustomed to his dick already.Adam's naturism russian photos moans were pretty loud, since he was still drunk, but Kyle could tell it photo naturism kids russian was not fake. Kyle kept glancing back and forth between Adam and Corey who was still sleep during the whole thing. He couldn't wait till he woke russian adult dating site up and saw his lover like this.He felt the boys ass grip on his dick and started to suck him off, throwing him off it a little. Usually he had to tell his tricks when to do that. This kid was a natural."Fuck yeah baby, squeeze that ass on this dick!" Kyle said unreasonably loud. "You like that boy! You like me fuckin' that tight bitch ass? Huh motherfucker!?"He glanced at Corey who stirred in the couch. That wasn't enough to get him up. blonde porn russian He tried a different tactic. He started pounding Adam's ass hard making the sofa move and shake on the flooring. Corey was shaking from russian videos for adults the vibrations and slowly he began to wake up. Like it was on queue, Adam began talking dirty to Kyle."That feels so good baby fuck me just like that! OHhh yeah!!! Rape me man!"Corey's mouth dropped witnessing the sight before him. He watched Kyle pumping deep and hard inside his man and there was nothing he could do about it. He was so drunk that he couldn't even form the sexy russian xxx right reaction to this bad latvian whore russian situation. Instead he just watched it all unfold until it ended.Kyle smiled uncontrollably knowing that Corey was watching the whole thing. He thrusted deep inside of Adam and shot his load burring his seed. Now Adam really belonged to him and there was nothing Corey could do about russian bride biniki nude it.When Kyle finished, he pulled out and put his pants back on. Adam watched him with his sleepy drunken eyes and said, "Are you leaving?""Yup I gotta work tomorrow. Remember I gotta be here at 10 to finish the Garden?" Kyle said knowing that Adam wouldn't remember anything that happened."UmmmHumm.... Alright.... Goodnight.... Thanks russian cosplay erotic for stopping by... I love you." Adam said.Corey heard those words and still couldn't react to what he was hearing. Kyle leaned russian bear gay over and passionately kissed Adam."Bye babe, see ya bright and early." Kyle said.To Be Continued...
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